Operand Company is an engineering alliance based in DC, USA.

(since 2024-04-24.)

Our domains are changing up; keep up on our ongoing records and you'll see us announce any serious changes.

Older domains being assigned under our commission, including ://backlog.space and ://labori.us, are being rescheduled and assigned more durable names as need arises.

Open Issues:

  • by @c4lliope
    Labeled as compile, dependency

  • by @c4lliope
    Labeled as nushell, macro

  • by @c4lliope
    Labeled as nushell, macro

  • by @c4lliope
    Labeled as genericize, chronicle

    Chronicle pages and open issues are really similar on our domain; much code has been copied and small changes made only in some places. Re-combine any shared code in a common module called Chronicle, and plug in Op.Page or Op.Issue modules on a case-by-case basis.

Chronicle: Day by Day

  • Day's plans require some addendums.

    by @c4lliope
    Labeled as ship, gear, share

    Primarily, my handle on signal is: @c4lliope.99 Our mess-y lunch is likely to begin by 13:30 (1:30pm).

  • Drop / Ship

    by @c4lliope
    Labeled as ship, gear, share

    Sunday is a semipublic launch celebración; Message @c4lliope on Signal concerning address and hours.

  • Business Modeling

    by @c4lliope
    Labeled as business, program, records

    Early copy! Please message your recommendacións; @c4lliope on Signal.

  • Payroll

    by @c4lliope
    Labeled as payroll, employee, shares

    • payroll progress;
    • scenario surrounding employment;
    • payroll conclusions;
    • engineer recommendación;

  • Balancing across bancos numeros.

    by @c4lliope
    Labeled as banco, company, assemble, balance

    • upgraded share holders mapping;
    • operand company balances;
    • assemble company closing;
    • payroll processing and procedures;

  • Onboard bundle: Mobile Engineer.

    by @c4lliope
    Labeled as employee, onboard

    ...in a hurry on payroll.

  • Corporación is legally recognized.

    by @c4lliope
    Labeled as legal, corp, bank

    Cleaning up loose ends and preparing some big business.

  • Mobile Engineer Role

    by @c4lliope
    Labeled as employee

    A proposed employment agreement

  • Operand Company; Incorporación Proposal

    by @c4lliope
    Labeled as corporación, organización, shares

    Preparing unique deployments of global-scale processing resources.